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Internet of Things Training

The IoT Training by Nerdy Solution is a 4-weeks training program in the field of electronics, web
applications and autonomous control of devices over the internet. This training will give you
extensive insight to the world of Internet of Things. As you progress through the training you will
work on the following projects:

● Environment monitoring system which can sense the light intensity in a room and also plot it
● in the form of a graph.
● Temperature monitoring and visualization of an environment.
● Web-based monitoring system
● Audio-Based notification system
● Sensor data based trigger
● Smart alerts and Social media of things
● Alerts on Social Media and Mobile phones based on sensor triggers

You may choose your own problem statement for the projects, for which we will provide support.
However, detailed solutions will only be provided for problem statements defined by us. Following
are the details of the training:
Table of Contents
Each topic will have MCQ based quizzes to help you understand the basic concepts taught in the

1. Building an IoT Monitoring System: You will learn the key concepts of IoT and Bolt Cloud and
also build your first IoT system

● Introduction to IoT
● Introduction to Bolt
● Getting Started on Bolt Cloud
● Building your first IoT Sensor Project
● Module Test

2. Controlling Devices Over the Internet : You will learn about HTML and Javascript and how to
interface different sensors with the Bolt device.

● Introduction to HTML
● Introduction to Javascript
● Data Visualization
● Visualization on Bolt with Google Library
● APIs on Bolt
● Controlling devices over the Internet via Bolt
● Module Test

3. Cloud, APIs, and Alerts: You will learn the basics of Cloud and Linux concepts. Basics of
Python will also be taught and you will be able to build systems that can gather data and
send you SMS/Email alerts.

● VPS (Virtual Private Server)
● Introduction to Linux
● Introduction Python
● Bolt Python Library
● Interfacing Sensor over VPS
● Social Media of Things
● Bitcoin Alert System
● Module Test

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